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# Level Configuration

Configuration properties for your level are editable in levels/<level_name>/level.json. Here is a breakdown of all the components of level.json:

# Properties

# title

  • type: String

Displayed title for the level (used in Mission Computer)

# description

  • type: String

Text description of the level (used in Mission Computer)

# is_mission

  • type: Boolean

Set to true if this level should appear in the Mission Computer

# prereqs

  • type: Array<ObjectiveName>

A list of objectives from other missions that must be completed before this mission is playable.

# ObjectiveName

  • type: String

An objective name is a mission folder name concatenated with an objective folder name. Example: ["basic_training.basic3", "basic_training.basic4"] - this means that in order to play this mission, you need to complete the objectives in basic3 and basic4 in the basic_training mission.

# flavorTextOverrides

  • type: Map<String>
    • key: String - the key of a given piece of flavor text
    • value: String - the text to be displayed as flavor text upon object interaction

Set flavor text overrides for this level. If an in Tiled TileObject has the corresponding flavorText property string as a key in this object, the HTML text specified here will override the interaction text pop up.

# backgroundMusic

  • type: TrackName

The key of the background music track to play for this mission.

# TrackName

  • type: String

The basename of a track file found in public/levels/common/music.


  • fascinatingarea_108253b
  • safearea_337937b
  • fogowl_629966b
  • takeabow_1615732b
  • hackertheme_104771b
  • tq_christmas
  • overture_b
  • unsettlingarea_59895b

# backgroundEffect

  • type: BackgroundEffect

Specify the background effect of this level that will be shown behind transparent tiles left open in Tiled.

# BackgroundEffect

  • type: Object
    • key (String): the name of the effect to be used. e.g. "starfield" or "vr"
    • options (Object): some effects have options that allow them to be customized


  • key: starfield

    • direction (string) - default: [4, 8] - This is a string representing one of a few hardcoded directions the starfield can move in. Valid options are: topToBottom, bottomToTop, leftToRight, and rightToLeft.
    • baseSpeed (float) - default: 0.1 - Speed at which the stars in the starfield will travel in the specified direction.
    • starCount (integer) - default: 400 - Quantity of stars in the field. Increasing this number will increase the visual density of the stars on screen.
  • key: vr
    options: none

# mission_icon

  • type: String

The filePath of an image file used in the Mission Computer as an icon for this level. The file path is built relative to the top level extension images directory.

# Examples


  "title": "Fog Owl",
  "description": "The Cloud Exploration vehicle designated Fog Owl.",
  "is_mission": false,
  "backgroundEffect": {
    "key": "starfield",
    "options": { "baseSpeed": 0.03, "direction": "topToBottom" }
  "backgroundMusic": "fogowl_629966b",
  "flavorTextOverrides": {
    "crewPod": "It looks like this pod is configured for a different user. I should use <span class=\"highlight\">my VR pod</span> instead. It's the <span class=\"highlight\">open pod with the green light on top</span>.",
    "crewComplement": "Beds for a bridge crew of four... When the Owl's ready to fly, I should <span class=\"highlight\">recruit a team</span> for the mission.",
    "chestNothing": "Does <span class=\"highlight\">this chest</span> open? Guess not... Well, it was worth a shot.",
    "replacementParts": "Replacement parts for a neural Cloud interface. Never hurts to be prepared.",
    "standupSet": "\"What did the zero say to the eight? <span class=\"highlight\">Nice belt!</span>\" ... Sadly, that's the best one in this standup routine. I hope whoever wrote this iterates a few more times before going on stage.",
    "fuel": "Wonder what kind of fuel this thing runs on...",
    "navigationSystemOffline": "The <span class=\"highlight\">navigation system</span> lets the ship travel to different parts of The Cloud. Looks like it's still offline...",
    "battleTactics": "Notes on battle tactics when facing the forces of the <span class=\"red\">Legacy Systems</span>. Someone expects trouble once we get the ship online...",
    "airlock": "An airlock, I think. If this is a virtual environment, will I still get <span class=\"highlight\">sucked out into space</span> if I open it? Not sure I want to find out."