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# Objective Configuration

Configuration properties for your objective are editable in levels/<level_name>/objectives/<objective_name>/objective.json. Here is a breakdown of all the components of objective.json:

# Properties

# title

  • type: String

This text is played at the top of the Hack Interface when the objective is opened.

# description

  • type: String

This text is showed on the first page of the Hack Interface. It is intended to give the player a small bit of context about this objective. HTML elements are allowed in this string like <strong>.

# validation_fields

  • type: Array<ValidationField>

This is a list of the user input fields a player will have access to. They're used to pass information into a validator.js file so that player's input can be validated as part of the objective validation process. Even objectives that have no need for player input should make use of the prompt type.

# ValidationField

  • type: Object
    • name (String): this maps to the name property of the underlying HTML element.
    • type (String): this picks the type of field to be created, it can be prompt, textarea, or any other type assignable to an HTML input element.
    • placeholder (String): the placeholder value that appears in your input before players have applied input.
    • label (String): the label placed above your input in the UI

This represents a set of information used to created inputs for the player to pass information into a validator. Some of these tags map to underlying HTML values, others do not.

# show_ide deprecated

  • type: Boolean

Should this objective allow the player to open up the integrated QuestIDE.

# rewards

  • type: Object
    • xp (Number): an integer to be added to the player's current XP total upon objective completion
    • items Array<ItemKey>: a list of items to be added to the player's inventory upon objective completion

This is an object that describes the experience and item rewards that a player receives if they pa the validation for this objective.

# ItemKey

  • type: String

This is a string corresponding to one of the item keys in the game. An item key is derived from the name of the folder that contains the item's information and image assets.

# Examples


  "title": "Fog Owl: Plant a Tree!",
  "description": "Playing TwilioQuest supports reforestation in Australia. Click <strong>HACK</strong>, and Twilio will donate a dollar to plant a tree!",
  "validation_fields": [
      "name": "prompt",
      "type": "prompt",
      "placeholder": "",
      "label": "Click HACK to plant a tree."
  "show_ide": false,
  "rewards": {
    "xp": 100