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# Use iframe overlay component to create a slideshow

Published: 1/19/2022 for TQ Version: 3.2.5

TwilioQuest's world api has a showOverlayComponent function. This function pops a UI component over top of the rest of the game.

There's a general purpose one called the "iframe" component that does this with an empty iframe. Author's can provide a URL to open this iframe with. This means that an extension can effectively create it's own custom UI screens within TwilioQuest.

# Slide Show Example Extension

The TwilioQuest slideshow extension demonstrates (opens new window) how to display a locally running server app inside of TwilioQuest.

# Example Snippets

This snippet shows an example invocation of the world.showOverlayComponent function pulled from the slideshow extension demo.

This snippet is using the props feature to customize the iframe component. One of the important props seen here is url. This sets the URL that the iframe will open with. In this example, the iframe is opening a locally running URL on the player's computer.

This snippet is from the config file (opens new window) of the TQ Slideshow Extension's slide object.

  key: "iframe",
  props: {
      "http://localhost:3000/" + + "?embedded=true",
    backgroundColor: "#06090f",
    fontColor: "#5dd463",
    borderless: false,

This snippet is from a button on the TQ slideshow's local server app. It uses the window.postMessage (opens new window) API to close the iframe component.

This snippet is from the TQ slideshow extension server side app (opens new window).

  onClick={() => {
    window.parent.postMessage({ hide: true }, "*");