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# How to Open the Developer Console

Author: Ryan Kubik - Date: 5/24/22 - TQ Version: 3.5.1

When debugging TwilioQuest, it can be useful to open the developer console. Unexpected errors might show up in red text and give us clues about what is going wrong.

# How to Open The Console

There are a few ways to access the developer tools:

  • In the menu bar use Help > Toggle Developer Tools
  • Enter the Konami Code (opens new window) inside the game
    • If you have code editor or Hack Interface open, this will not work. Hot keys get consumed by the editor!
    • Input the following sequence of keys: up up down down left right left right b a enter
  • In the launcher only, click 10 times in bottom left corner of launcher

# How to Use the Console

If you've done any web development, the dev tools in TwilioQuest will look almost identical to the dev tools in Google Chrome. This is because they're the same tool! Anything that works there should (usually) work in TwilioQuest too.

You can find a lot of tutorials on the web about how to use these tools. This guide is from the official chrome documentation (opens new window) and talks about error logs. This is the place the TwilioQuest team will usually ask you to check fist.