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# Troubleshooting Tips and Guides

Software doesn't always work as expected, and TwilioQuest is no exception!

This section of the docs is a collection of guides and tips that can be useful when trying to diagnose or fix problems with TwilioQuest.

# How to Use a Different Version of TwilioQuest

Sometimes it can be useful to load up an older version of TwilioQuest. Perhaps the latest version is not working. Perhaps there is old content you want to revisit.

Learn how to use a different version of TwilioQuest.

# How to Open the Developer Console

When debugging TwilioQuest, it can be useful to open the developer console. Unexpected errors might show up in red text and give us clues about what is going wrong.

Learn how to open the developer console.

# How to Locate your TwilioQuest Save File

TwilioQuest saves all your player data in a JSON file called config.json. This guide will show you how to find this file. It can be useful to do this so you can back up your progress, move it to a new computer, or use it for debugging.

Learn how to locate your save file.

# How to Entirely Uninstall TwilioQuest

TwilioQuest stores "user data" on your computer while running. This includes your save file, different versions of the game, logs and more. This guide will help you remove all of this data.

Learn how to entirely uninstall TwiloQuest.

# Find your Unique Player Identifier (GUID)

Every player of TwilioQuest has a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) (opens new window). We use this identifier to show your accomplishments on leaderboards, improve the game, and more. The TwilioQuest team might ask you for this GUID to debug server-related features of TwilioQuest. This guide will show you how to find your GUID.

Learn how to find your Player GUID.